Big game and small game hunting
Capercaillie, black grouse, willow grouse, hazel grouse, arctic hare and brown hare
Whitetaildeer and wild forest reindeer
Brown bear
Waterfowl, geese, pigeons and woodcock.

The extensive woodland surrounding the holiday cottages provide excellent hunting opportunities.
The hunting season opens with wood pigeon hunting in the numerous game fields of Erä-Korpinen; several types of waterfowl hunting are available – from managed waterfowl sites to backwoods goose bogs. For hunting grouses and hare, Erä-Korpinen has more than 80 000 hectares of hunting grounds rich in game. For moose hunting Erä-Korpinen have 4 moose hunting areas from 5000 to 22000 hectar rich in mooses. Further more Erä-Korpinen organizes hunting tours on wild forest reindeer and whitetaildeer in Finland as well as brown bear in Russia!

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The holiday cottages of Erä-Korpinen are also an excellent choice for spending a traditional Finnish cottage holiday year-round.